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Legal Document Drafting & Review Lawyer

Having a legal document or business contract drafted and reviewed by a lawyer before you sign ensures your interests are protected. A new legal document with the potential to have an impact on your finances or responsibilities should be drafted and reviewed by a trusted attorney. Contracts should also be reviewed any time any changes to a legal document need to be made. D’Adamo Law provides legal document drafting and review services for business & contract documents, real estate legal documents, family & personal legal documents and more. Make sure your interests are protected by having a legal document lawyer on your side. We can review any contract, agreement or document and advise you in additional special review or changes are needed. To discuss your needs regarding legal documents, business agreements and contracts, call 215-825-5519.

Legal Documents, Incorporations & Business Contract Lawyer

Legal document drafting involves writing documents to be used for legal purposes. Our legal document lawyer specializes in drafting, editing and reviewing legal documents regarding personal matters, finances, divorce, child support, business contracts and more. There are certain individual and business documents that simply cannot be done without the help of a licensed Pennsylvania attorney. These types of contracts include business startup or dissolution, estate planning, mortgage document preparation, trust planning, elder law and representation related to family law, tax audits and business dealings. Mario D’Adamo III, lead legal document lawyer at D’Adamo Law, is licensed in Pennsylvania, focusing on Philadelphia clients and the surrounding areas.

Philadelphia Attorney for Legal Documents

While personal, business and real estate contracts are the most common, there are situations where you’ll need certain types of documents for legal reasons. These must be prepared in a certain way by a licensed attorney. Some of these legal documents might include:

Witness Statement – Used to set out what a person states happened in a given situation (car accident, robbery, personal injury case, etc.).

Pleadings – Prepared to explain to the court what a clients’ case is and what they intend to plead.

Statutory Declaration – Prepared to set out and confirm the truth of required information; this legal document must be signed in a special way by an attorney.

Court Order – If a plea agreement is reached in court, the details have to be set out in a document for the judge to approve. 

Consent Agreement – These legal documents are used in divorce cases to set out the details of dispersion of assets, child custody and other agreements between the couple.

Areas of Focus for Personal, Business & Real Estate Contracts

Business and Contract Legal Documents

We can help draft and review business contracts & more:
Non-disclosure Agreement

Business Contract

Independent Contractor Agreement

LLC Operating Agreement

Creative Freelance Contracts

Compliance, Records, Annual Filings

Business Partnerships

Liability Risk Management


Doing Business As (DBAs)

D'Adamo Law Firm Legal Document Review Lawyer Philadelphia PA

Real Estate Legal Documents

Real estate legal documents help protect your property; we can help with:

Lease Agreement

Eviction Notice

Intent to Purchase Real Estate

Quitclaim Deed

Residential Leases

Property Management

Property Title Transfers

Roommate Agreement

Tenant Notice to Terminate Tenancy

Commercial Leases

Family & Personal Legal Documents

D’Adamo Law has experience drafting and reviewing family & personal legal documents including:

Last Will and Testament

Living Will

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Child Care Authorization

Power of Attorney

Personal Injury

Childcare and Elder Care

Custody and Child Support

Buying or Selling Used Car or Property

Affidavits and Statements

Thousands of clients in Philadelphia have chosen D’Adamo Law to help with legal document drafting and review services. We are dedicated to resolving personal and business legal contract matters efficiently and professionally. If you need legal counsel or advice in family law, misdemeanor or felony criminal law, personal injury law or legal documents, call 215-825-5519 for a no obligation consultation.