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Family law is an area of law regulating and dealing with family matters and domestic relationships including marriage, divorce, the custody of children and related financial matters. At D’Adamo Law, we know how difficult it is to navigate legal issues between family members and domestic partners. Specializing in family law, we help Philadelphia couples through complex family & marital issues including divorce, negotiating child custody, drafting child support agreements, resolving premarital issues and more. Mario D’Adamo III is a passionate family law attorney who will fight for you to ensure your rights, property and children are protected. For a complimentary consultation regarding your marriage separation, custody case or any other family law matter, call our Philadelphia office 215-825-5519.

D'Adamo Law Firm Family Law Attorney Philadelphia PA
D'Adamo Law Firm Family Law Attorney Philadelphia

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Family law issues arise when families are dealing with divorce, child custody and financial support issues. Because these issues are complex, many families cannot resolve these points of contention without help from an experienced family law attorney. At D’Adamo Law, we practice family law through mediation or litigation in the Court of Common Pleas, Superior County and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Since issues dealing with divorce and children often overlap, it is important to hire an attorney who specializes in multiple fields of the law. Our Philadelphia law firm can help you reach the optimal outcome that works for you and all parties involved, while ensuring the process is understandable and as comfortable as possible.

Philadelphia Divorce, Family Law & Custody Attorney

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes both fault and no-fault divorces. In a no-fault divorce, one spouse states that there is an irreparable breakdown of the marriage. In a fault divorce, one spouse accuses the other of having done something to cause the end of the marriage. Some examples of reasons for a fault divorce include bigamy, adultery, abandonment, humiliation and cruelty.

Our divorce attorney will help you decide which filing option is best for your situation. Once the divorce petition is filed, spouses need to work out the terms of the divorce settlement, which includes the way marital property, assets and debts are divided. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means assets and property are divided fairly, not equally. The D’Adamo Law Firm ensures your estate is daily distributed in the divorce.

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Family Law Areas of Focus

We have helped families in Philadelphia achieve the best possible outcome; our areas of focus and legal services for family law include:

Child Support
We’ll help to arrange a child support model that is fair and appropriate for the circumstances. Whether you choose to privately agree upon child support or involve the Domestic Relations Office, we help you through every step.

Child Custody
Custody battles affect everyone in the family. Our law firm provides professional representation and compassionate counsel to find an amicable, long-term solution that benefits all parties involved.

A divorce is one of the most difficult, sad and challenging times of your life. We work to keep the process professional and respectful for all parties.

Support & Alimony
As a family law attorney we will explain your options and advise you of the most appropriate solution. We exclusively represent your interests and fight for the support and alimony you deserve.

Property Division
We make sure your requests and rights are being heard and respected; we are dedicated to protecting your interests.

We are prepared to represent you in a litigated divorce when all other methods for divorce prove insufficient.

Oftentimes, a family law attorney is called upon to serve as a neutral third-party mediator. This option requires less money and time than litigation, while resolving the divorce matter amicably and respectfully.

Thousands of clients in Philadelphia have chosen D’Adamo Law as their family law attorney. We are dedicated to resolving these matters efficiently and professionally. If you need legal counsel or advice in a family law matter, call 215-825-5519 for a no obligation consultation.