Criminal Defense Attorney Philadelphia, PA

If you are facing criminal charges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or Philadelphia, PA, D’Adamo Law fights for you! Mario D’Adamo III, an experienced criminal defense attorney, provides you with skillful representation and the aggressive defense necessary to obtain justice. Our Philadelphia law firm has extensive resources and a thorough understanding of the local courts, the District Attorney’s Offices and law enforcement. If you have been accused or charged with a crime in Philadelphia, it is crucial to hire legal representation right away to protect your interests. Your future and reputation are on the line, let us get started building your defense immediately. D’Adamo Law provides the legal counsel and support you deserve; call 215-825-5519 for a no obligation consultation.

D'Adamo Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney Philadelphia PA
D'Adamo Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney Philadelphia

State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia

Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have strict penalties for all types of crimes, misdemeanor and felony. You need a skilled legal advocate to defend your rights and represent you in the court of law. Our criminal defense attorney will provide the guidance and support you need during this difficult time. Criminal defense is an ever-changing area of the law; we go above and beyond traditional defense measures, embracing forward-thinking methods and modern tools to find holes in the prosecutions’ case against you. We have built a 5-star reputation of providing legal defense to minimize penalties, protect your rights and get the best possible outcome for our clients.

Areas of Defense for Criminal Law Trials

Regardless of whether you’re facing charges on a misdemeanor crime or a serious felony, our criminal defense attorney will fight vigorously for the best outcome possible. We won’t immediately settle for a plea deal just to save time. From traffic tickets to criminal defense, our Philadelphia criminal lawyers are committed to extensive pre-trial preparation. This gives us time to find possible holes in the prosecution and approach the trial with a strong defense.

Our office in Philadelphia provides criminal defense for all types of local crimes throughout the area including:

Appeals & Post-Convictions


Assault & Battery

Domestic Abuse

Drug Possession and Sales


Fraud & Theft


Internet-based Crimes

Sexual Offenses


Underage Drinking

Weapons & Gun Charges

White Collar Crimes

College Student Defense


Other Criminal Accusations

Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyers

Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyers

After being arrested, it is common to experience anxiety and fear about your rights, legal options and future. As soon as you choose to work with our law firm, we will help you obtain a sense of ease and security that your case will be handled diligently and professionally. We are always available for our clients, answering your questions and educating you about your rights and legal options. D’Adamo Law helps you successfully navigate through the complexities of the legal system, especially in regard to criminal law.

 The very first thing you need to do after being charged with a crime and/or arrested is retain a criminal defense attorney. We start investigating your case immediately to ensure valuable evidence is not lost. D’Adamo Law has a proven track record of winning dismissals, acquittals and pre-trial motions to suppress in the Philadelphia courts. We care about our clients and have helped thousands of people get out of difficult criminal charges and situations. We will fight to get you the justice and outcome you deserve.

When your freedom and reputation are on the line during a felony case or criminal charge, you need an attorney you can trust. Thousands of clients in Philadelphia have chosen D’Adamo Law as their criminal defense attorney. We are dedicated to resolving these matters efficiently and professionally. If you need legal counsel or advice in a misdemeanor or felony criminal law matter, call 215-825-5519 for a no obligation consultation.